Feb 21

Caglieron Caves

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So today Lindsey and I tried a new place to trek, I wanted to get out and put a few more kilometers on my VFFs.  We went up to Fregona Italy to a place called Caglieron Caves.  Our GPS (nicknamed “Old Unreliable”) took us the extraordinarily long and windy way to Fregona.  What should have taken us about 45 minutes ended up taking about an hour and 20 minutes. Three Cheers for Technology!!

We eventually found the place.  After trying to decipher the cryptic parking signswe couldn’t figure out where to pay to park.  So we just parked anyway, I left 2 euro on the windshield and we started walking to the caves.  We encountered and elderly Italian man who seemed to belong, I tried to ask him where to pay to park but I only spoke a little more Italian than he spoke English.  What resulted was me giving the guy 1.5 euro for parking even though i am sure he wasn’t the guy to pay.  Oh well, at least I didn’t feel like I was stealing a parking spot and he probably left there wondering why I gave him money.   Ignorance really can be bliss!

When we wandered down there it was nice and quiet, only the sound of water since we had the entire place to ourselves.   The snow has been melting a bit on the mountain and the water was frigid.  The snow-melt combined with the recent rainfall was a recipe for a lot of water coming down the waterfalls.  It smelled nice and fresh, and the weather was crisp and cool and it was a nice time.

After we were done with the caves we messed around in the local trails and took some photographs.  Since we had the place to ourselves it was nice to take our time and not feel rushed.  The cool air felt good on the skin and the rocks and logs felt good under my feet. I think even Lindsey had a good time, normally I think she just goes to humor me.  I’m sure the dogs would have had a blast but Odie probably would have fallen into the falls, it was nice to not have to worry about them.  There was also some decent building ruins and some really nice spring flowers out by some sort of catholic shrine that we took the opportunity to photograph.

On our way home we stopped at Castello di Caneva and had a walk.  We toured the “castle” and then tried to go for a hike.  They had the trail that went behind the castle and to the parking lot closed off so we ended up hiking a long way out of our way just so we could turn around and come back the way we came.  Overall it was a disappointing jaunt.  It was nice seeing Castello di Caneva but I would not recommend the hiking trails to anyone.  After that odysee we decided it would be best to come back home and cook some dinner.  It looks like pasta with bolognase sauce and homemade bread.  Yum!

I took a short video of the caves here: