Oct 27

Let There Be LIGHT!

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Our new kitchen is great, it gives us all sorts of room for us to both be in the kitchen at the same time.  I don’t feel like I am constantly bumping into Lindsey when we cook together now.  One major complaint that Lindsey and I had was that it was dark under the cabinets.  There really is no use having all of that wonderful counter space if you can’t see what you are doing.  One option was to get a snake-light, quick easy light you cant point anywhere.  This idea was quickly vetoed by my better half.

So, we went to the “big box” hardware stores and figured that we could install under cabinet lighting for about $450.  That’s a lot of money for a military family to spend on lighting so we researched other options.  We ended up finding ordering the following LED set from Amazon.com

So when it got here I was pretty skeptical, how good could this be for only $150? The lights were not big and bulky like I found at the hardware stores, instead they were thin flimsy strips of LEDs that were connected with tiny power cords. But, they are going under the cabinets so the object is to not see them anyway.  So I got to work on the installation.

Here is everything I got in the box.  Minus the drill of course(I ordered a few extra cords to go over the microwave and a dimmer too)

Since I have an over the range microwave installation was extra easy, I just plugged the included 2 amp power supply into the open socket above the microwave, ran it down the left side of the cabinet.

Then I used the included screws to run the off/on switch and the dimmer.

While under the cabinets I realized that I missed painting the underside edges of the cabinets, there were always be pink to haunt me!

I then installed the strip lights with the tiny included screws.  Then ran the power cord all of the way BACK over the microwave to the other cabinets.  Everything is run in series, one light plugged into the back of another.

The strips also came with double stick tape in case you don’t want to screw into your cabinets or lack the elite crew chief training of using a screw driver.  However, I didn’t want them suddenly falling off into a tub of BBQ sauce so I decided to stick with the screws.  Some staples took care of some of the extra cord to keep things tidy.

We were pleasantly surprised with the light intensity, it can be dialed way down for a nice ambient nightlight, and since they are LEDs running all of them on low is probably more efficient than running the nightlight on the microwave.




Overall, we are VERY pleased with the lights provided by Inspired LED.  I installed them with a 14 month old hanging off of my leg in about an hour and they made our work-space so much more usable.  If you’re looking for a cheap way to add quality under cabinet lighting to your home don’t be afraid to click the link below to order yours while simultaneously helping to support my family’s blog.  Thanks for stopping by.
Super Bright LED Under Cabinet Lighting – Set of 10 Panels, 2 Power Supplies, 2 Switches! Cool White – Dimmer Switch Option Available (See Items 4864 and 4845)


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